Why does the "he loves me, he loves me not" figure a lot here?

A lot of anxiety from girls whether a guy likes her or not.


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  • Because girls just like guys do not know the true answer to "does he/she like me?" So it becomes frustrating. Half the time you hear from people "oh, girls can approach guys just as much as guys can approach girls!" Ok, however, there are so many different opinions on this from so many different people - I hate approaching guys because I grew up with old-fashioned, conservative parents and even brothers and cousins who all tell me "girls never approach guys!" But, here we have liberal guys who say "I love it when a girl approaches me first!"

    So, people like me are in the "needle in a haystack" fusion lol point being, do I approach a guy or does a guy approach me! Which is why half the time, I may ask my sister "so, like do you think he likes me?"

    Like, I said its frustrating so I just stay to myself and if a guy happens to like me then maybe he just might approach me first - they do say that if a guy really, really wants/likes you he will make the first move - is it true? well here is hoping...

    • There is something called playing "hard to get" which happens.

    • well, that one too obviously but that is the thing if it seems as if I am playing hard to get most likely I am not - I am just very shy - this all is taken into account unfortunately, its hard to tell who is shy - I know this the shyest person does not converse with others - that's what I can tell you

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  • Well people will ask if it seems I'd there is a chance they could like them listing behaviors comments etc because others might see something they miss as they are hopeful they have a chance. Then, you have the people that list one detail and expect everyone to know. I think it is just one of those subjects where everyone is to shy or to inpatient to ask the person or someone for help in real life

  • Well, if it isn't out in the open, of course it'll be something we wonder about...


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