Guys; how to flirt? I'm lost?

I'm such a horrible flirter, I'm just awkward. I'm a little more reserved than most girls but I'm really talkative once the ice has been broken


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  • Try to just remember some simple things:
    1. When you're having a convo, make eye contact. You don't have to always hold it, you can look away, or look down, but do make some eye contact.
    2. Try to have a bright face. Meaning try to smile without forcing it. But don't be afraid to make your normal, quirky faces as well, depending on the context of the convo.
    3. When you're talking to a guy, find an excuse to touch him in an innocent way. For example, if he says something he thinks is funny (even if it's not) laugh and touch him lightly on the arm. That sends a powerful signal. Trust me. Or you can just sort of push on his chest. As in "get out of here! Really?"
    4. Depending on how he wears his hair, if you get a chance to sort of look at him over his eyes, find an excuse to brush his hair to the side of his forehead.
    These are all just some little things you can do.

    • Dude thank you!
      If the guy is diggin you back what are signs hell give?

    • Unless he's really shy, he'll be facing you more or less directly with "open" body language. (He won't have his arms crossed, for example.) He'll be giving you his full attention, even if he's trying to act cool at the same time. He might try to touch you in an innocent way himself. He'll try to find ways to run into you, or meet up with you. And believe it or not he might even blush slightly when he's having a convo with you. Because a convo with YOU isn't just an ordinary convo. If he's into you, the stakes are much higher because he wants one thing to lead to another. Thanks for MHO!

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  • Find an excuse to touch him, toss your hair, lick your lips, cross your legs, give eye contact when caught smile, sit next to him... talk to him? maybe? :-P

  • Flirting is really just talking naturally in my opinion, just say what comes to mind, and its especially good if what comes to mind compliments the guy, or mentions something he likes.

  • guys like slightly awkward girls.
    Makes it way less intimidating to talk to.

    • Is talking to girls really that intimidating?

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    • Well I guess I don't fit the category of "presenting" or "hot" lol
      I dress normal and so do a lot of guys I know lol

    • Yeep.
      I mean if she looks like this.
      No biggie , I wonder what's she watching.

      But if she walks around looking like... this

      uh umm... uhhh so... yeah... hi?

      You get the idea lol

  • Just act normally.

    Maybe use a little innuendo too.


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  • Not sure if I can help, but if you'd like my advice I'd be happy to give it? :)

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