How to forget someone? Forget a crush?

In the ALS ice bucket challenged I challenged some of my friends from all around the world to do it, and lol, I nom my crush and he's from another country too.
lol, I did this out of craziness not expecting much, coz he used to be my flatmate for 2 months, and thats all.
I know that its not possible from the way he looks at me, but I think its just fun to do a cross country nom.
But when he give any reply to the post (like/ reply...) I really feel SHITTY and looked desperate...
lol, and it hurts a bit too...
haha, is this what people says being teenage is all about... lol, but I now feel pretty awkward that he did ignore me on purpose. lol, so embarrassed now... not even fdly...


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  • "Time" is the best medicine to forget...

    • lol. what if u don't like someone easily? lol, I mean don't people all desire love and to be loved to a certain extend? Between the gaps of finding a new one, how do u fill in the 'emptiness'?

  • You should give a chance to other boys to date you... think about it.


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