Why my date texting me a short msg?

I text message him how are u doing? And he replied me "k" or "very busy" I even text him :Have you taken ur lunch? he replied "No" We had met each other last 4 days and Wednesday it should be our 2nd date and I text him if we still meeting up on that day? And say he can't make it he told me when his free, he will let me know? Today I didn't text him, And about 7.30am to 7.30pm I waited for him to text me first and I didn't received any. So I text him and says his just busy? I told him I miss him and he didn't reply my message :( he even kiss me and hug me on our first date? Does he Hv any interest with me and wants hangout with me again.


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  • I think he is dating a other girl. :P


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