Why does my boyfriend ignore my texts?

We used to talk everyday almost all day. And like always hangout. We did take a little break didn't talk for a week then started talking again. It was like a best friend relationship. I seen him a couple days ago after 3 weeks it seemed like we never stopped talking. We were totally fine and he told me he missed me. But now he won't talk to me. Whats going on im just so confused please help.


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  • Maybe he just needs some space.

    Texting/talking to someone everyday can be taxing on a relationship. I just feel that a day or two here and there without contact can cultivate a healthy yearning in the heart. I find I have more to talk about about and engage in with a partner when there is a reasonable measure of indepence present.

    All is not lost yet, relax, see what he does in the next 48-72 hours.

  • Some People Are Not Into Texting, Don't Base Your Relationship On Texting, Facebook Etc.
    What Matters 100% Is How He Is With You In Person, Social Media Should Never Be The Test.


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