What's the dating scene like in community colleges?

I'm asking because I'm meeting and befriending many women, but they all seem to be 5/9 years older than me and married/engaged. The girls that are my age are either super focused on college or already have boyfriends. For anyone whose been to a community college or are currently attending one; was/is your dating similar to mines or better/worse?

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  • Community college is mainly full of adults who are stationary and are already involved. Or young adults that are more interested in school and working full time... This is, unless you are in a city environment - then it is different, you have a wider variety of people. I feel like in smaller towns, everyone already really knows their main group of friends and they don't really branch out and make an effort with others unless they are really interested in them.

    I am from a smaller town.


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  • its worse than actual university in my opinion because the girls and guys aren't there to stick around, CC is just a temporary gateway to their university. you can have some fun dating but I don't find it appealing when I take a girl out on a date and then she tells me yeah im gonna transfer next semester to Cal Poly in Pomona:P im like uhhh okay well im going to Fullerton so cya lol.

  • I wasn't really out to date them, but yes the girls I did meet were already engaged, for the most part.

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