Dating Rules? filler?

Do you follow any dating rules that you set for yourself?

I don't date or mess around with people I work with.. I don't want the drama..


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  • I will not date someone that has a bad personality, Don't care how good looking they are if they can not treat me with basic respect, kindly and nicely then "Goodbye".

    I feel dating someone you work with is also bad.

    I don't really want to date a smoker.

  • 1. I've had certain rules since school
    1.1. Don't date people near your parent's house
    1.2. Not to date people at work i. e. those who are directly connected to me and my work (even if they are channel partners or vendors or clients)
    1.3. Never let go of chivalry
    1.4. No dating a virgin
    1.5. No dating someone who's frigid - cause I'm a very liberal and open minded character
    1.6. etc (there's a little more lol)
    2. Rest of the stuff I'm pretty much open to :-)

  • I used to follow that one and bashed others then became a hypocrite haha.

    I don't date smokers. I don't date people who don't work or at least going to school. I also don't date anyone without a car.

  • 1. If she asks to just be friends (Friendzone), stop being friends.
    2. If she dated a friend/family member, it's a no go.
    3. If she's a bad girl, nope.

    There's others but this will suffice. :o

  • I don't affiliate with people who don't tell you they're married but kiss you on the lips


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  • 1. No guys with no motivation.
    2. I have a crush on my rival from a music competition. I like rivals!
    3. No closed-minded guys
    4. No smokers or bad guys
    5. I like someone with a pure and radiant smile...
    6. Pianists or violinists or cellists? I like pianists. Especially Chopinists. But meh, Scraibin or Lisztonians will do too.
    7. He must have a good taste of music.
    8. I want to study music in Warsaw. He must be willing to wait for me.
    9. They need to be pure and sincere.
    10. He must use Line.
    11. No friends exes. I don't want to lose a friend because of a guy.
    12. He must have at least an understanding of Shakespeare.
    13. No tattoos.
    14. I hate guys who try too hard to look like bodybuilders
    15. He must be tall.

  • 1. If a friend/family member of mine has even had a crush on him at some point then I'm not touching him
    2. No co workers
    3. No restaurant dates. I hate when people watch me eat.
    4. No kiss on the first date

  • 1. Never get back with an ex. Exes are exes for a reason.
    2. If one happens to like a player, only play no relationship since it WILL break one's heart
    3. No two-timing.
    4. No fwb.
    5. No family members lol

  • 1. I dont date co worker
    2. I dont date insincere pple

  • - no workmates
    - no people from same degree at my uni
    - no friends ex's
    - no friends family
    -no-one linked to family (I. e family friends , sibling friends etc)
    - someone who doesn't have mutual friends with me
    I follow all of them religiously :P

  • I don't date people on my college campus, if I do date someone they must not go to the same college as me. I don't need to see them 24/7
    Dating them is not going to graduate me
    I don't date co workers
    I don't put my dating or relationship buisiness on my fb or social media
    If someone knows it's because I told them in person