Should I text her or wait for her to contact me?

I'm 25 and she's 29. We been on two dates so far and we keep in touch on a constant bases. We get along great. Usually after we speak she'll tell me I'll call you tom or I'll be in touch with you. She up to now has always kept her word in regards to calling me. The day before yesterday I spoke to her for about 5 min. We usually speak for longer but she was busy. After that conversation ended she stated that she was going to keep in touch with me. Yesterday morning I sent her a text stating to have a good day at work. She replied thanks you too. I left it like that. I'd like to text her to see how she's doing but I don't want to come off as needy/clingy. Should I sent a text to her or wait until she gets back to me which like I said up to this point has kept her word in regards to getting back to me?


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  • Sending a message can be a good thing. As long as. you don't send them every five minutes. As long as you send them about once a day or fewer I doubt that you will come off as clingy. The best thing to do is try.


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