Should I Risk it or not?

I know this is long but I really need some advice...
I'm bisexual/pann and I've been in relationships with guys and girls before but my last relationship ended really badly...
I like to think I'm a nice guy, I'm not great looking or really fit but I'm a nice respectful person and my last relationship started of great we were dating for about 5 months and we loved each other we kissed and did a few other things... And our relationship was fair and equal but a few weeks ago I got a text saying that she was through with me. No explanation or any real reason I've been really depressed lately and I've started to self harm again (yes I know it's bad and I'm trying to stop ok) after this relationship I'm scared of dating girls in case history repeats itself.
recently I've been talking to a nice girl and and I've been trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out but I'm scared that this relationship will be like the last
what should I do?
ask her out?
stop talking to girls?
any help would be much appreciated thank you!!


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  • Don't worry at all! Just like how all guys are different, all girls are different too. Some shy, some outgoing, so nice, and some mean. Just because one relationship ended badly doesn't mean all of them will. This girl may genuinely like you, but you may never know unless you take the risk and ask her out. She's probably just as nervous as you are.


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