Is this guy trying to date me or just hang out as friends?

A friend of mine that I've had a crush on for a while recently broke up with his girlfriend. Since then we have begun hanging out a lot more. I would go to his place and we would hang out for hours and just talk. He is currently in between houses so I let him stay at my place occasionally and I keep his cat. Every time we hang out now he will buy food and bring it to my place and he texts me ahead of time asking for my preferences for what ever food place he is at. Last time he came over we spent a good amount of time wrestling around on the floor and then he asked me to go see a movie, that I had mentioned wanting to see, with him. Also, him and his ex broke up at least a month ago, but he jumped straight from being married and getting divorced to dating her. Even though I would like to date him part of me feels that I should let him be single for a while so I'm not the rebound. Also how do I explain that to him without sounding like I'm judging him for jumping into another relationship so quickly.


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  • Firstly by commenting that he's a good friend and you don't want to muddle that up. Secondly by admitting you're not blind and can see from his history that another relationship isn't what he needs.


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