Refused a one night stand but should I ask if he wants to go out?

So I went out with this guy who I really like hanging with. Only problem is he wanted to have sex with me after our first date. I said no (we did kiss and stuff) but then he contacted me a week later to see if I wanted to do something. I would love to invite him to a party Saturday but don't want him to think I will have sex with him after the party. Guys? WDYT


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  • Well put him to the test, be straight forward and tell him why you dont want sex with these dates. See how he acts with hour honesty, you will find out quickly if he's a keeper or not... I do this as I dont think sex should be involve untill both parties are sure. As of this I have seen true behaviors come out and you get a glimps of the real person

    • That is true. I was surprised he even called me again since I told him I don't do casual sex.

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  • My friend says some guys try to sleep with you even if they want a relationship with you (he's a guy) - but trying to sleep with you on the first date is a little forward. I agree tell him you won't have sex with him and then ask him if he wants to hang out.

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