When a guy tells you to call him…is that a good thing?

This guy I've been seeing since the spring time came over on Sunday and I told him I was leaving on vacation for a week. So before he left he asked me if he could see me again before I leave, and planned Wednesday after work.

Basically, we had a one night stand back in April and ever since he'd text/call me every week to see if I wanted to hang out. When he was leaving Wednesday, he brought it up saying "Have fun on your family vacation" and then asked me to call him when I get back. I told him he doesn't ever call me except that 1-2 times (he pretty much always texts), while he said he's called me more than that and then said to call or text doesn't matter then, but to surprise him when I do.

Do you think I should call or text him when I get back? Or ignore it and make him chase me?


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  • Call him. Trying to get him to chase you might just annoy him. Obviously he likes you and not just for the sex since he isn't pressing for it now.


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