To Text or Not To Text, That is the Question?

I've been texting a girl I have a crush on all summer. I honestly have no idea if she is interested or not - if she replies to me, we text for a good hour to three hours with almost instant replies (one of us usually ends for a good reason, no excuses here), or she does not reply at all (usually correlated to her work times, but not always). I always had to initiate (I did so every 3 days to 1 week or so).

Now, school starts on Tuesday, and I don't know if I should text her again or wait until I see her so I can gauge her interest better and take advantage of in person interaction. But, I don't want her to think I am forgetting about her or I'm not interested anymore by not texting.

The last time we texted was about a week ago. I tried the other day and she did not reply. What should I do now... I don't want to be left with 2 no replies before I see her. Also, do you guys think she is interested at all. She is very shy, so that may answer some questions.


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  • Text her :)

    • What to do if she does not reply? Usually I would not care, but since I will see her guaranteed next week, this situation is different.

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