Girls, would actualy you be embarrassed if this happened to your bf in public?

This is really embarrassing but about a month back a girl my girlfriend used to work with saw us on the street and came over and starting abusing my gf... i told her to get lost etc but then she slapped my gf and i felt like i had to step in so i grabbed the girl to push her away, she was only tiny like literally 5 foot tall but soon as i grabbed her she kicked me straight in the nuts and for some reason my legs just buckled and i was curled up on the ground... i could see her still abusing my gf and i wanted to get up to help but i just couldn't... i was completely incapacitated and i was having trouble breathing...

okay now ever since then my gf is kinda different... its like she doesn't think I'm a man anymore or that I'm a wuss... would you think that of your bf?

anyone else?


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  • Umm i wouldn't be embarrassed. She kicked you in the balls, so of course you're gonna fall to the ground.
    Also, if a girl hit me I'd punch her back. And if she hit my man, assuming my bf isn't in the wrong-which you weren't, I'd punch her back.
    I'm 4'11, but some short girls feel like they can hit people and expect them to not fight back because they're tiny. Nope, sorry little mama, but that's not the case.
    I'd also make sure you were ok though. Sounds like you were trying to help out, I hate girls that think they can hit guys and get away with it. Don't hit others if you don't wanna be beaten, male or female, as simple as that.


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  • I wouldn't think that'd make you a wuss. But I am pretty good about letting things go. If it happened I'd be OK with it. I don'tsee why you would act different. I mean you just got kicked in thebnuts. That is he most sensetive area on the body. I mean its understandable with the large currents of pain blasting through you

    • yeah well thats it... if it had have been anywhere other than my nuts i would have been fine...

    • Well if your girlfriend is mad at our for that, than she is being stupid because everyone has a weakness. Like me, I'm an epic fighter until you punch me in the gut, then you better be ready for a hospital ride unless I can get my lungs to work again. I mean everyone has a weakness, things happen, if she can't let that go, you have three options: live with her rudeness, find someone better, or start pointing out her flaws too. (Only if she is being rude or blaming you)

  • Ok yes and no. Yes because I mean most girls expect guys to defend them. No because for one you were having breathing problems so that's not your fault and two no offense to your girlfriend but if the girl that was abusing her was tiny then why didn't she fight back?

    • she did fight back i just wanted to stop her from being hit at all

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    • ;) maybe thats why my gf has stayed lol

    • Lol bruh. Your to funny. XD

  • First off that happened? Interesting. Well I would look at my boyfriend as in why didn't he help me when I need ed it most. I mean she kicked you but the men are supposed to be strong. But there would also be a side of myself that would run to your side to see if you were ok.

    • what do you mean its interesting?

    • Interesting as in you don't hear about that everyday.

    • well its def not something guys would want anyone they know knowing!! I'm only saying it because I'm anonymous lol

  • If I was her I wouldn't be mad it's not ur battle she needs to learn how to fight.


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  • i will speak from a guy's perspective. Yes your gf might think less of you now, but that does not mean you ARE less. You just haven't learned to overcome the ancient rules about striking a woman.

    The girl who slapped your gf was committing assault, nothing more, nothing less. A person who initiates violence against another is irrational and therefore you do not know how far he/she intends to go in hurting you or another. This gives you free reign to subdue the assaulter BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, no matter how petite of feminine she may seem on the surface. Your aching balls should confirm this.
    In retrospect, had you known this, your best bet would have been to kick her as forcibly in the knee joint as you could, rendering her unable to continue the attack. You might have decimated her leg to the point where she would have spent weeks in the hospital, but that is irrelevant. We all have a DUTY to protect innocent people under attack.
    Of course, for legal purposes you must back off once you are assured the attacker is subdued, but that gives you a lot of room since you never know how pumped up he/she is and sometimes even a crushed knee won't stymie an attacker. Also remember that a fist blow directly to the nose will disorient the perpetrator, allowing you time to make the next move.
    I am not kidding you, my friend. This is a world where women have become just as violent as men.

  • That's why you bash their face in instead of pulling them off first. Your just making this up anyway since your the ballbust guy