How to move things along with a shy guy?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple months. We've been on 4 dates and things are going really well.

He's said to me that he really likes me and that he's not usually shy, but he's really shy around me for some reason.

It took us 3 dates to hold hands and even on the 4th date it took him a while to hold my hand. I could tell he wanted to though :)

So last weekend we went out. I was leaving at the end of the night to go home and I could tell he was trying to do something (either kiss or hug me). But he was just too shy to:P

Later that night when we were texting, he said he was mad at himself for not hugging me.

I would love to give him a kiss next date. But I'm shy around him too! I don't know what it is about him, but he gives me butterflies :P

It's so silly, we are both not normally shy people. But for some reason we are both having trouble making a move :P


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  • Just start with simpler actions to get him more comfortable and use to your touch. Rub your hand on his back, or shoulder every so often just to reestablish that physical connection. Brush his hair out of his eyes, slap his leg if he is sitting next to you. Put your arm around him. All this can lead up to an easier time to kiss at the end of the date. Next date, hug him right away so the nervous gitters are gone right from the start!


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  • Be the dominate one, he probably likes it.

  • Lol.

    If he's shy then you are probably going to have to make the moves. Well, at first at least.. Once he gets more comfortable he will be able to start making the moves.


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  • First off say away from all the signals crap like don't try it it just confuses guys more and to no outcome. I've been with a couple shy guys and it help just to be forward about it. Talk it out maybe? This can seem scary but it will develop communication and help build a stronger relationship. Plus if he knows you want the kiss too he's more likely to do it instead of freaking out that you won't want or like it. Hope that helped XD -Lyra