Should I attempt to define the relationship?

So I've been seeing this guy for a little over 2 months now... we see each other very frequently, sometimes several days in a row. We have amazing chemistry and are always laughing and talking and touchy feely, a lot like what two people in a relationship would be like. We go on dinner and lunch dates occasionally, and his parents and siblings both really like me. The only downsides to our relationship is that he is 5 years older than me and that I am going to college 5 hours away in 7 days...
Because I'm leaving soon i really felt the need to kind of find out where we stand. Am I making the right decision and how should I approach the conversation? I really really want us to become committed to one another but I'm not sure if I'm being unrealistic


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  • A few red flags:
    1. He's 5 years older than you.
    2. You're going away to college.

    I went away to college with a girlfriend. A month in, I met an amazing girl, who I am still with today. Honestly, I would say don't get too too attached...


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  • Why, sometimes its best to just let relationships go as they will. Trying to force it one way or another is often detrimental. Talk to him about leaving soon, and ask if he wants to work for it, ask yourself. There's nothing wrong with simple and easy, just acknowledging what it is.

  • Go to college find a guy get married and have hot wild sex.

  • Well, wait, is this the same guy who you just a week ago, didn't even know if it was a friends with benefits relationship with... point is, you need to define what you are before you go because once you go, you may meet other men, men may come up to you etc... and you need to know what to tell them. Take it from a guy who got kissed from a married woman (yes, I didn't know she was married, I asked her to kiss me, and she did). Basically, she cheated


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