What to do... haven't talked to her in a few days?

Met this girl who works at a store i frequent. Long story short, she completely catches me off guard one day and asks me out, which of course i said yes because i was attracted to her. Went out bout 3 times in the span of a week in a half and ended up kissing on the third date. All seemed well, until i notice few days ago she texts less (We would text back and forth everyday since then but nothing crazy more or less just something that happened to us during the day or just saying hi.) I have seen her in the store since, and she seems completely normal and herself with me but later on when i text her at night she barely answers, if at all. We haven't spoke in roughly 3 days and she was usually the one who reached out. I've been real busy this week with appointments and im leaving for the weekend with some friends so Im at a stand still with whether i text her or not. Or, do i just wait till i get home and stop into the store? Getting some really mixed signals or at least i think i am because this girl seem really interested in me, and i've grown to like her in the span of us hanging out but i feel she all of sudden lost interest and im trying to take the right course of action hopefully resulting in us continuing to see one another.


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  • just contact her. maybe she's waiting for you to take more initiative now.

    • Thanks but if this the case, you think she'd be upset about her not hearing from me after a few days? And how would I go about reaching out to her after not talking for awhile

    • Just focus on the fact that if she likes you she will be happy to hear from you. Late is better then never. The key is you said that she usually initiated everything. The ball is in your court now. So shoot! :) good luck

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