I Just Don't Understand it!?

I don't like putting my pictures up online, because I get paranoid that people are going to steal them. All I will say is this guy has a similar facial build and body type to what I have:


I dress fairly nice in real life and talk proper. I have been told I am attractive by various women... but it always seems the women I am attracted to shrug me off and the ones I do not like are always interested in me!

It's always the big women, the real nasty looking women that nobody wants... or the trashy white women who want a black guy for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, I just did a "model" like photoshoot, created a Tinder and put up my best photos. I liked over 2000 women already... but I only got 30 matches, mostly from big women or very unattractive women.

My friend, I hate to turn this into race... but he is white (average guy with no style) and he gets more response from women in real life and even on Tinder.

Black guys... does this sort of thing happen to you as well?


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  • Bro, any girl who dismisses you because of your race is not someone you want to know anyway. I'm not black, but I'm middle eastern with tan skin, and I often get mistaken for being half-black or Mexican. I can't speak for other guys, but personally, it's not about race with most women. They're attracted to you or they're not. Don't worry man, there's a pretty girl with a great personality out there for you. You're not ugly to be honest, so just be yourself and love will find you.