Is it really a secret? Now my boyfriend is mad?

So my boyfriend is used of me telling him everything. He is very protective and I like it. Lately, we are both busy from school. We're in college btw. He is always tired from his work and school even though he doesn't tell me, i know. I kept him a couple of couple of stuff going on from my Uni because I don't want to stress him out more. I didn't tell him
1. I lost my laptop
2. There's this lesbian girl who I got lots of bruces because she was hurting me. She said she likes me before but when I told her to stop because I have a boyfriend she keeps on punching me everytime she passed by, pinching me and she even slapped me once when I was sitting on the floor texting. Everybody's sitting on the floor so I did.
3. There's this guy who is following me around, sending me flowers. I told him I have a boyfriend but he just won't stop telling me he will wait for me.
4. Lastly, my ex keep on texting me and sending me dm's on Twitter telling me he wants me back. I also told him to stop because I am happy with my current boyfriend and I love him to death.

I don't know why when you're taken guys mess around and asking you to be with them and it pisses me off. Now, my boyfriend is so mad at me for not telling him. I also thought all of it isn't that much of a big deal so i didn't tell him.

Now, i want to know. Is it really reasonable that he got mad at me because I thought its not much of a big deal and I don't want to stress him out also I know he's tired I don't want him to handle my crap on his rest time. What should I do?


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  • if it bothers you tell him, those are things you should talk to him about, if you are afraid just do it because it will make it better so he knows you won't like, just tell him, he may be stressed but its best to tell him.

    Never been in a relationship but i know communication is key. Sooo communicate!

    • It bothers me but idk. I was also scared he'll get mad at me and will cause arguments which it did. Thank you for sending your opinion. I appreciate it very much.

    • no problem! and i hope it helped a bit

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