Why do I still think about him?

So a long time ago, this guy asked me out. I had already noticed him a while before this but had basically tried to forget about him. Well, he asks me out and I draw a mental blank for many reasons. We were NOT the kind of people you would think would be together. We hadn't even talked previously. This was the first guy to ever ask me out EVER. And I was like, 12 and still kinda wary around guys in general. So... I said no. What shocked me even more was that he asked me again multiple times after that. I really didn't know anything about him except for him name so we were pretty much strangers and it was super weird. Anyway, it's been YEARS later and I still find myself thinking about him. Yes he's attractive, and yes I'm not currently dating anyone but I still think about him waaay too much. I'm even heard he's an a** hole yet I still can't get him off my mind. I just want to know why.


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  • You just haven't met someone since then who can replace those feelings...
    in time you will meet someone and will feel that way again. It just takes time and patience.
    I also thought I could never fall in love again after a previous guy, but in time I did.