Girl asking can she reply me later when being asked out?

So I've chatted with this girl for weeks, then during one of our late night whatsapp chatting session, she revealed to me she actually found guy A and guy B not bad but she didn't want to tell me why they are not bad. So perhaps on impulse after knowing this, I let her know I like her as well, her replies were that she's sorry and she shouldn't have told me that, and for us things are still early and we will let it be. So for next few days everything is like back to normal, we still talk normally and stuff.

Then days later i asked her for tea after lessons, she said yes at first but then later on she told me she had to collect something which closes shortly after her lesson ended. I immediately thought that it was an excuse but turns out to be I'm horribly wrong, she sent me this exact message "oh well, go another day." which i totally interpreted as we will go for tea another day but it was actually she'll go collect another day but i already told her it's alright we can visit that cafe on another day, and later on she gave me another chance to visit the cafe with her by asking me am I hungry or not and want to go, but then i turned her down again -.-

So now last night I asked her out, but she avoided that question by replying to another of my message first, and i asked again this morning, then she asked me for the location and say will reply later. I understand her classes end very late today though, what should i do :( ?

I've only texted her to ask her :(

After she avoided the question last night, we went to the same club activity and interacted as usual, but i just couldn't ask her in person :(
So she just replied me telling me she don't think she's going. I don't know what to reply :(


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  • Be patient. It sounds like she wants to give you chance to see if things could go romantically or not but there is a scheduling conflict. You might try asking her when she if free first then ask her out for that time. That way you both will know nothing is going to interfere and it will take stress off having to say no when you really dont want to.

    • Hmm I'm the guy that asked this question.

      I did ask her is she free on this coming weekend, she asked me why and i told her I want to ask her out and that's where she avoided the question until I asked her again this morning.

    • Well maybe after the 2 failed attempts she is nevious about going out. Or maybe she has plans with one of the other 2 guys so she is having trouble deciding if she should cancel with them to go with you. A lot of people will probably disagree with me here but I tent to go after what I want. I would call her and say something like... Ok here is what I am thinking for when we go out this weekend. and give her some of the plan (not all of it). Then tell her that you are just waiting for her to let you know when you two can set a time for it. I know it seems like its coming accross kind of pushy and demanding but its not really. All you are saying is that you are committed to not missing this one and you are waiting for her approval to set things in motion.

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  • Tell her you need to know and don't make excuses


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  • She is not looking for a relationship. She just f ' ing. Be a friend, don't be so serious, don't expect to marry her and you will probably find you and her naked under the covers eventually.

  • Did you CALL her exactly to confirm?

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