Why do you think relationships and dating makes us all anxious and at times manipulative?

While reading through questions on here I've realized that most of them fit into a few categories. "What does this mean" and "how can I get this" of course they're written about thousands of different things in thousands of different ways but at their core this is what we ask. Why do you think we think like this, especially in dating? I've seen so many people dig into the weirdest of details to figure out if someone loves them like we'll actually be able to read the mind of the other person by picking up tiny clues they leave and like the feeling of love can't change and fade and grow. I've also seen a lot of people that plan and plot like they need a strategy to get people to care about them, or marry them, or have sex with them instead of just letting other people choose on their own. Why do we do this? What do you guys think the motive behind acting this way is? Loneliness? Low self-esteem? Self-centeredness? Or is it just human nature to seek understanding and plot to obtain what we desire?


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  • I agree with you on the topics being very much the same thing. I think I could write one reply for everyone and just tweak it in different ways and they would be satisfied with that. BY in large, I think it's the human nature. The person wants to make sure that they know what the other person is thinking so they won't "make a mistake" when they move forward with a person. No one want to be the person that bares it all for the sake of love, and then get stomped on.


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  • I think it's out of our own insecurity. We are afraid that we are not good enough, & have to manipulate & trick someone into being with us. I personally don't think you should manipulate the person you love, but I can understand someone really valuing their partner & being afraid of losing them. That is why trust & respect are so important in a relationship, you can't always be with your partner, so at some point you have to trust that they love you as much as you do them.


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