If you & your boyfriend, person you're currently dating, seeing, etc?

switched phones for a weekend or even a day, do you think you'd still be together or at least not fight?

**This is just a general question, nothing to do with how you feel about looking at your significant others phone**

  • Yes, we'd still be together perfectly fine
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  • Sh! t would go down
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  • It would be fine. I dont hide things from people Im with. So if people were texting, calling it would be people she knows about and knows of, or knows in person. Nothing hidden, no lies, I believe in full disclosure with whom Im dating. So there are no surprises in this. If my gf gets mad due to people calling? texting thats her issue. Though if my friends found out they might go out of their way to text and call just to annoy her. :D


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What Guys Said 2

  • Awesome question!
    I think we'd be fine- just the thing is, I'm an introvert and my girlfriend is heavily extroverted, so that would be a little shock haha

  • A past ex did this to me once. Her friends kept blowing her phone up, so I never bothered answering it. My phone kept blowing up with my soldiers looking for me. I was the one who got in trouble, as she found out from one of them I was leaving for 3 weeks for a training exercise, in a month... & neglected to tell her. Oops...


What Girls Said 1

  • It will be fine , my phone is all locked up anyway
    With apps 'fake crashing ' , certain pic files hidden. If he figured that out then shit will deff go down

    • lol well this was me asking if you had to randomly give him his phone, without you erasing anything & he was given the password. How do you hide certain picture files? lol

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    • oooh understandable, I have things I wouldn't want friends seeing on my phone but would be fine with my boyfriend seeing it lol

    • True I get ya !
      Since we are just dating atm.. It will probs cause issues if he looked at my phonw