How often does your friends with benefits go oh so wrong ?

I have had several friends with benefits and they usually go wrong.
One of them tried to be a slick tellin me his parents ain't home and shit to come over and then procedes to introduce me to his parents as his gf!
I ain't catching dem feels and shit

How do you keep up a just friends friends with benefits relationship?


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  • For me, when I do friends with benefits, I don't contact them ever unless it's to hook up. If I see them in public, I act like I don't know them, I don't even look at them or give them much attention if they do walk up to me.

    I know it sounds harsh & I use them as a piece of meat, but that's how it works for me to prevent feelings.

    My last hook up buddy/friends with benefit I was exactly like that to, but he fell for me. Most of the guys dont' fall for me, but he fell for me so I ended things until he convinced me to be something more. We're now dating :)

    • I didn't really think of that ! No contact unless hook-up will give that a go (:

      I guess the main issues they were people I see all the time , we sorta become good friends and all.

    • true, I guess that's why it's called Friends with Benefits, I guess I've never had those since I don't hook up with my friends. So I guess I've had more just hook up buddies, but one at time that last months lol

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  • Quite a few times actually.

    My friend borrowed by library card and ends up being 4 months late for the book return. He's still paying me back in lunches.

    • Haha xD I like you :P

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    • Hmm yeah I see where you're coming from

    • you get me?
      You get me.

      Its kinda like riding a bike , its cool and all but sooner or later , you're gonna fall.
      Its part of the deal yeah?
      But as long as you enjoyed the ride , what is a little scratch rah?

  • This is a tricky one.

    How close do you let someone get to you? That's the hardest (forgive the pun) part of being in this sort of situation. Once feelings start seeping in, it's bound to end in tears :|

    • Hmm I'd say best friend type of close maybe something like that

  • Marriage. get married have all the sex you want.


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