I am going on a date, Its my first date, need your help?

I am going on a date, Its my first date.
How to react on a date and what to do, please leave your responds. thanks ^_^


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  • Wear your favorite outfit. Be gentleman like - open the door for her... & Be yourself.
    Enjoy yourself :)

    • Okay, I'll try this all.

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  • Treat your date as if you're going out with a friend and that will take a lot of edge off. BUT, don't not make an effort. Where are you going exactly? That might also help with advice-givers on what to do when you get to where you're going.

    • It's a secret she is also on GAG, so I can't tell that.

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    • Oh well easy: get together and make fun of GaG and keep it light as if you're talking to a friend (which she is, essentially). Remember to sneak in a nice compliment or something flirty if you guys end up liking each other. If not, playing it like friends is great in case there is no actual spark, that way you have a friendship to keep in the meantime. :)

    • Thanks :)

  • Awww: ) Be yourself, dont get too nervous and enjoy the date. Have fun and good luck!

  • If you're going somewhere that costs money make sure you pay lol. Other than that be yourself


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  • don't be fake, be yourself but in a respectful and polite manner. be tame but don't be like her dad, be funny and crack a few jokes. if you don't know what to talk about then when in doubt talk about her until you can think of something else to bring up. and if its dinner, don't finish your food before her, it makes the girl feel fat if she's still eating and you're already done. be a gentlemen when it comes to opening the door and pulling out the chair. and above all honestly just HAVE FUN:D