Parents don't like the guy I like?

a couple of weeks ago I went to the movies with my grandmother, knowing that I had invited my crush and one other of my friends. In the movies my crush came in and saw me and sat right next to me. my grandmother was wondering why he was there and why he was sitting next to. i lied and i know i shouldn't have but i did. later on that day my grandmother told on me to my mom and the big uproar happened. The quick to judge the guy that i liked just based an his apperence. I was so mad at them for that. Now they have banned me from seeing or talk to him ever, and of course i didn't. I see him in band everyday to talk to him and flirt. But when he asks me out on day what am i supposed to do and how will I tell my parents that the guy i like is the boy they don't like?


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  • If I had dated according to who my parents liked and didn't like, I would have been very unhappy.

    Your parents have your best interests at heart (although perhaps not in this situation, if they're judging solely based on his looks), but when it comes to dating you know the guy better than they do. It's your relationship, not theirs.

    However, lying and sneaking around won't give them much room to feel like trusting you and this guy.

    • they are just judging him on how he looks or i should say how he dresses

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    • thank you for the advice

    • Sure thing. If your parents are already giving you a hard time, there's no need give them even more reasons to make things difficult for you. Believe me, I've been there haha. Good luck!

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  • They may need to get to know him. But being banned may make that difficult. I had a simular problem. I have shoulder length hair and 3/4 inch holes in my ears. My girlfriends dad is super high rank air force captain or something. He didn't like the idea of me one bit. But when we met. ( after i had been dating and living with his daughter for several months) it was fine. Appearance isn't shit. Unless its mom. dad. judges. cops. And job interviews. I suggest you Straight up. date the shit out of that guy.


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