Im a mexican guy is it hard for a white girl to go out with a mexican guy?

Hope i get that answer i need


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  • I'm a white 19 year old, and one of the best relationships I've had was with a Mexican. He ended up leaving me for his ex, but I had no trouble with it. His family was great and the relationship was wonderful. Now I'm dating a guy who is half white/half Japanese. Don't stress it, everybody is different, but most people I know won't care what your race is.


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  • Race doesn't matter !!! As long the relationship itself works out just as fine then there's no problem. Just go up to a white chick

    • Thanks i will go up to a white chick next time i see her althought its kinda har because there is none around my neighborhood i would have to go a bit far not that far just like 10 miles or les lol

  • oooh yay it's race hour on GAG.
    I don't know, have you ever tried talking to one in real life? Caucasians seem to be more welcoming of Hispanics than other races from what I've seen.
    Begging for the love and acceptance on GAG of white women isn't going to solve much that's for sure.

  • it depends on your appearance and personality

  • The Mexicans seem very racist against black people in my area and even though I'm not all the way black it makes me feel uncomfortable because I do have black relatives.

    • In every single culture there always seem to be some kimd of racist. But as for me im not

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  • It depends. Are you one of those short, indian Mexicans from Oaxaca? Yeah, you're going to have trouble wherever you go.

    If you're a more mixed Mexican from D. F. or from the north then you'll have less trouble because you look more European.

    It also depends on where you live. I think Texas girls are more open to dating Latinos in general. Pacific Northwest is also a good place to go because the girls there are liberal and open minded. Probably the north as well but I'm not too sure, I'm thinking Wisconsin and Minnesota; I know they have a relaxed vibe out there but not too sure how they are on racial relations.

    Don't be so focused on white girls man. It makes you sound like a sucker. There is nothing special about them, save for their attitudes about certain things. Our culture is different than theirs. Not to mention ALL American girls (whatever race) have a completely different mentality on a lot of things. They're very hypocritical and unrealistic, in general. Keep an open mind brah, happy hunting.

    • Well im not from oaxaca and short im not that short im 5'11 its ok and im not that dark skinned im not light skinned either im in between

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    • and I call you "asshole" in the most respectful sense of the word lol

    • Its ok dude no problem but qs for me im the shortest i have to brothers younger than me the youngest is 6 feet and the middle one is 6'1

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