Guys and Girls!!! I need your help! has this ever happened to you?

girls and guys, i need your oppinion. i am a sophomore in high school and last year, i was talking to this junior and we were gonna date then my mom found out i went behind her back and i had to stop talkin to him. now he is a senior and we both agree that we want each other, but he has a gf that he hasn't had that long, and me and all his friends can tell he ain't happy. how do i let him know that i love him and i want to be with him? what should i do? what should i say? we have tablets at school so we can email each other, so what should i tell him with out crossing boundaries? i really do love him and always have and just realized it recently after seeing him with this other girl that dont treat him that well. help!!!


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  • Its up to him to break it off with her. To save your and his reputation. (Your gonna hate this) but your mom and her motherly sixth sense might be right in this case.. your wanting to start out this relationship with a taken, older guy.. its not an ideal foundation for a quality relationship. And do not tell him you love him. Not yet. You need to maybe hang out as single friends and maybe build off of that. (Ive been in a simular position and what your wanting to do. Is like downtown drama city. You want none of that. Tread lightly. And concider the fact that your hormone levels at your age are straight up lying to you. Do you like his personality? Or is this just something you can't have, and mom doesn't like it, so you want it more?

    • i like him very much. i am wanting this relationship because i trust him and he trusts me and people say we are meant for each other. he would treat me like a queen and make sure i was treated right. he is everything i want and everything i need. i really want him but i dont know how it make it known to him that he means the world to me

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  • Be careful. If he's willing to fool around with YOU when he has a girlfriend, what's to prevent him from fooling around with someone ELSE when you are the girlfriend?

    If he breaks up with her, go for it.

    • i dont think he would cheat on her. and i am positive he would cheat on me. we feel too much for each other to do that. how owuld i tell/show him im serious about him?

    • Just be honest and upfront. If he's interested, and is truly unhappy with his current girlfriend, maybe things would change. But if he's so unhappy, why is with her? That's why you need to be careful.

    • i mean he likes her and all but we have all seen him happier

  • Honestly in my opinion I'd say you should just tell him what you think and kiss him lightly just to let him know you mean it


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