Why do guys not like it when the girls parent (s) are/or get involved?

What I mean by the parents getting involved is when the parent knows everything that the girl talks about with the guy she is with/ seeing. Is it beacause they like their privacy? Or is it because they aren't serious about the girl/ don't intend to stay with her? Or do they want control/ the upper hand? Or do they just plain feel embarassed?

Like for example would u guys stop seeing a girl if the girls mom called u up? Or would u get mad that the girls parent is involved?

  • they just like their privacy/ freedom
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  • they wanna have control/ the upper hand
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  • they aren't serious about the girl/ don't intend to stay with her
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  • If the parents are involved there is less chance the guy will get sex and this makes many guys unhappy.


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  • guys get scared when parents are involved because they just want to jerk around tell a guy that you have an older brother he will directly escape to let him more scared say he is serving in the army and he is coming soon

  • Whether they are serious or not having parents involved is highly intrusive and uncomfortable