Have you ever been stood up before?

And if do did/would you consider trying to go on another date with that person?


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  • Yea, kinda, but it was my fault and I didn't care. I spent the whole date being a bitch to him and laughing with my friend then he said he'd be back in a min and ducked out halfway through lol.
    And no, I wouldn't see somebody again it they intentionally stood me up. It's disrespectful, why would I want to date somebody who disrespects me. Me and my friends used to be so bad to guys and would stand them up on purpose and laugh about how long they waited. We were horrible when we were young lol, but yea, those guys we stood up who kept calling us after begging to see us, they got no respect.


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  • I have been stood up, but it never turned out to be on purpose. I was stood up twice in a row, but it was rather understandable because the guy was dealing with a mother in the ICU with ovarian cancer. She died that week, and he just practically fell off the face of the planet since. I felt really bad, so I never took it personal.


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