How to tell best mates girlfriend that I'm not at all interested in the girl she's trying to set me up with?

I'm not at all attracted to her on any level, I don't generally like to use the league terminology but I'm up there and I'd rate her as a 3 if I'm honest. I've turned down 7s and 8s often enough. How do I tell her I'm in no way interested in her friend without insulting either of them?


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  • Just tell her you don't think you'd get along as boyfriend and girlfriend, she seems like a nice girl and you can see why guys might like her, but your personality and hers just wouldn't go well together.

    • That sounds like a good plan, not sure whether I'm tactful enough to make her believe it but she'd get the message for sure

    • Yea, as long as she gets the message and you don't offend her best friend while you do it, it's all good.

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  • Just tell your mate's girlfriend she's not your match. You don't have the obligation to be with her just because she's best friend of your mates girlfriend. Just tell the girlfriend in person that you just want to stay friends as your feelings for her cannot develop any further than friendship. Make sure u say it in person with your mate's girlfriend, not your mate as guys sometime dont know how to say sth sensitive in a right way in order not to hurt the girls feelings.


  • What makes her unattractive? I'm curious...

    • None of the above, I'm not physically attracted to her body which in indistinguishable from a prepubescent boys and her face isn't pretty in the least and she wears very thick glasses. Then there's her personality which is such a complete clash with what I'm after, everything about her screams I lost the game of life, if you saw her on the street you'd think she lived off government handouts

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    • Although I love men who love curves, dude you sound pretty harsh omg lmao

    • Truth be told I'm not really that picky, honest, as long as they're in average shape and average facial appearance it's all on chemistry and personality

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  • Just tell her you are not looking for a girl friend

    • That would be a flat out lie, she's bedding my best mate don't forget