My first date eveeer!! How does this work?

I've been texting and snap-chatting a guy I met through tinder for a bit more than a week. (Don't worry, he's not the hook up type). He's moving soon, and he's going to visit me since I'm on the way!

I never dated nor really liked anyone before. :( So I feel like my nerves are going to get me. What should I wear, where should we go, and how should I act asdfghjkl; Wait.. is this even a date LOL.

I was thinking of give him a box of icebreaker mints and say "Here's an ice breaker" when I meet him. Ya know, to break the ice of meeting for the first time.

oh gawd. I suck at this. I need help LOL.


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  • Haha. I actually like that idea, rather cute. Depends on what kind of guy he is though.
    Dress nice, but not too nice- I've known some girls that have gone on dates in fancy dresses, yet the guy only showed up in a t shirt and jeans.
    As for what to do- the list is limitless. Do something you find fun or something he would. If it's something that doesn't involve much talking (ie- like a movie or theater), pair it with a dinner or something active which has time to talk. And yeah!

  • The illusion of confidence is a byproduct of bravery when stepping into the unknown so simply try to act at least half confident


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