Attracted to other girls, help?

I cannot get anyone to answer, so I will ask again...

I met this girl online on an OKCupid account. She is pretty and a virgin too (I only date virgins because I am one myself). We share so many similarities and she is very faithful towards me and most other guys she dates. She was involved with this other guy online that did not work out, and she was torn by it until she met me. Since we met each other, we have deleted our accounts.

Problem is, we live far away. She lives 9 hours from me, and I have seen her once (last week) since I made my moving trip. I am finding a lot of the girls here are hotter than the ones where I used to live, and it is very tempting.

The girl I am talking to now is not my girlfriend, at least not officially. But she is very clingy to me since we met. I don't want to have multiple girlfriends, and I do not want to be a "player." What should I do?


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  • You're not doing yourself or this girl any favours and you should break it off. If she really, truly did it for you you wouldn't even be thinking this way, but you are, and that means she isn't right for her. In fairness, you're preventing her from finding someone completely devoted to her and if you carry on like this, the more hurtful it's going to be for her. She'll either find out, or she'll learn you wasted a lot of her time. Meanwhile, you should lose the girl and make yourself properly available to meet a better girl where you are. The fact you just met her, and she's nine hours away, and you're mind and eyes are wandering it means this relationship is not realistic.

    If you break up, what real love is lost? If you read all of this and you get angry thinking that you really don't want to be without her, then the alternative is to control your oat-sowing and stop the potential hurt you'll cause her.

    Personally, I'm just sensing that she's not it. Best to end it quick and move on. If you find each other again down the road, you'll have new experiences and lessons learned and maybe be better for each other. Good luck to you. :) I think you might know the right answer depending on which part of what I said made you feel something more than the other. :)


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  • If she lives 9 hours away - I think you should forget about her and find somebody who is more accessible to you - somebody you can hang out in the same room and go to places with.


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  • If you intend to see someone else, cut ties, then "play the field." It's the honest thing to do.

    • Basically, when in doubt, tell the truth, then stand up for your truth and accept the consequences of your truth.