Guys: Do you masturbate before a big date?

Guys: Do you masturbate before a big date?


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  • Reminds me of Something About Mary. He he.

    If you're worried about going too quickly when the fun starts then you need to find the right girl. My first bf was pretty quick when we started having sex. So then each time we had sex I would satisfy him quickly so we could then relax and take our time. Lucky boy always got to finish twice.

    • Lol

      "Walking around with a loaded gun"

      I'm the same way, I cum way too quick, but the next one takes awhile. I need a girl like you ;)

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  • Sometimes. But if you know that you are gonna have sex that night then dont masterbate

    • Yeah but a guy never "knows". A guy always hopes but the woman always knows.

    • The woman's always in control.

    • Nope. They aren't always in control. If you tell them that then they will be.
      All you gotta do is keep silent and never give up the man card.
      Once you start apologizing for anything you don't need to or getting jealous then she has control because you let her.
      She will then know she has you wrapped around her finger

  • If I feel I may get lucky then yes I do. I want to last as long as possible.

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