Black Guys - How Do You Fare In The ONLINE Dating World?

I am black. Before I continue, here are my details:

Age: 23

Height: 6'1"

Build: Athletic/toned

Style: Preppy

Hairstyle: Low fade (just like pretty much every other black guy)

The reason I do online dating is because I'm a pretty shy guy. I have a hard time talking to women and I usually blunder a lot or talk to fast when I make conversation with them. Despite this, I have been told I am attractive by women... but beyond this, I cannot score a woman. That is why I turned to online dating.

I have a friend who is a photography major, and I had him take photos of me and I used that for my online dating accounts: Tinder, POF, OKCupid.

Despite my pictures and looks, I still cannot get decent women to talk to me. On all these sites, it's always the same thing: BBW (big women) keep contacting me. I'm not trying to be mean here... but really unattractive women keep contacting me. Or white women who aren't that great looking and have a kid or a lot of baggage keep contacting me.

I see a lot of beautiful women on these sites, but they often ignore me.

I also have a white friend who is average and has no swag at all. Yet, he gets responses from women he talks to and on Tinder he gets a lot of matches with decent women.

I only got 20 matches as of now... but mostly with big women, trashy girls, or really unattractive women.

I am curious... do other black guys out there have any trouble with online dating... or have you had some success?

Note: I also run into some women who religiously say that DO NOT DATE BLACK GUYS.


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  • In general black guys have really bad luck on dating sites. . . It really sucks :/


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  • What kind of info is in your online profile about yourself and what you look for?

  • I have heard stories from black men on men chat sites that said they see women list "I DONT DATE BLACK MEN" In capital words on their headlines. I met a guy on a dating site, he is half black

    • Yes, I see headlines like that all the time :(.

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  • Girls generally care more about a guy's race and skin color than guys. Don't worry though, keep your head up even though I'm not black. I'm Indian and we actually have it a lot worse than you guys.

  • Bad man I swear don't know girls respond

  • What would you say your response rate is?

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