We always tell each other we need to hang out but she never gets back to me, what's going on and what do I do?

I have a friend that I've grown really close with in the past year and we always enjoyed the time we spent together in school but now that we've graduated, we hardly see each other. The few times we text or talk over phone (which are always initiated by me), we tell each other we have to hang out again and I tell her to let me know when she's free so that I can set the day aside. She seems totally ecstatic at that moment but she never gets back to me at all and instead ends up chilling with other people and not telling me about her plans.

I could understand if she was trying to avoid me but conversations we've had really indicate otherwise. They're always very friendly or sentimental and frequently including her saying that she "doesn't know what [she's] going to do without me".

It has gotten to a point that I just want to know if she really still wants to hang out or if she just doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I'm about to confront her about it almost not caring what happens to our friendship.

Is she doing this on purpose or am I just overreacting? More importantly what should I say to her? All I can think of is "I wish you would actually make plans with me".

ok, so its been over two weeks and today she contacted me, telling me she wants to see me before she leaves and even went as far as inviting me to a spa in two days, what do I say now?


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  • unfortunately man there is two options.

    there are strange twists of fate that prevent her from contacting you or hanging (dead serious)


    she is being nice to you to please you and making like she loves talking but she wishes to be left alone...

    --------------------------------------danger signs:

    you initiate all convo

    shes not moving toward hanging out with you

    shes hanging with others.

    i'm sorry man it must be hard to deal with this but I dealt with a girl like this. it was actually a mix of the above 2. (mostly the 1st one) we are still friends but I cannot guarantee that for your case.

    do not make it worse by persuing her. completely drop all contact with her for a day. then another day. until she initiates convo with you. avoid talking at all costs. but don't avoid making it available to her.

    dont call


    chat online.

    but go online so she sees you online

    keep ur phone on.

    good luck but don't get ur hopes up. I'm sorry man I really am.

    • Thing is, I've gone for long streaks without contacting her and still no cigar, but if that's what it comes down to then I won't let it bother me, do you think I should bring it up to her or should I just walk away from this whole thing?

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    • There aaaare girls like that... its obnoxious- trust me. but then there's that one great girl out there who will love ya, man. good luck..theres not much more for me to say haha

    • Thanks for awarding me the best answer. I'm glad I was help!

      how did it work out?

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  • Take the initiative. Visit her in person or something.

    • But taking the initiative hasn't worked repeatedly, obviously the same formula won't work, I think I'm just going to get to a point where I'll start wierding her out