Should I be reluctant to trust him?

A guy I've been texting for months has asked me out on a date.. he's from another province, we barely have friends in common and he's 23 (but we're both going into 2nd year in college.. which I find bizarre given his age but haven't asked about yet). Since we've only been texting (met through friend), there's much that I don't know about him and this scares me. I'm an extremely vigilant person and so I can go up to wondering if he's maybe got a violent past of some sort. Our mutual friend (she is closer to me) once told me that he seemed a bit desperate to make friends as he was from out of town and it was his first year. I thought maybe he's only interested in me because of his lack of options? This is very possible, but should it even be worrying me? Should I be worried at all about his intentions or about him?

He once asked me if i wanted to go out o town with him since his brother left him his apartment while he was away. He wanted company he said, and wanted to show me that i'd be good company. My first reaction was to be insulted that he thought that I was that kind of girl (to go and live in some guys apartment for the weakend.. if you know what I mean). This might have just been me and my trust issues.. Or not?

* We currently live in the same city and attend the same University -- It's just not his hometown


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  • it is not his desperation to want to make friends that cause me discomfort but his mention of his apartment and invited u over that is a concern. Keep the relationship as it is now...
    Trust requires a period of time to build, it is still too early to trust him

    *btw, ur username is adorable :P

    • Thank you :) :D.
      But yes... I went off a little when he asked me to join him. I found it bizarre and way too forward for my taste. But at the same time, he seems to be a nice guy and I felt bad for potentially misinterpreting his intentions. I'm not too sure how I should have reacted or if this revealed some of his true intentions and personality :x

    • when a guy invite a girl to his place it is usually about something not appropriate. i find it too forward. just be careful

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  • The apartment thing came quick...
    Anyway, I don't think he's bad, per se, or untrustworthy, just seems like he's desperate.

  • Yeah I think it's best to leave this guy be. Just my opinion.


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