Help! This Infatuation is driving me crazy! What should do?

We knew OF each other a few years ago but I knew he had a crush on me (I was dating someone else). We reconnected on Facebook a few months ago and met up for a date. It went incredible! I was hooked.. But after 4 months of trying to see him again, (We live in different cities and are rarely in the place at the same time) I get a text that he has recently started seeing someone but "who knows what the future holds" and we'll "talk soon".

I'm so convinced that we are meant for each other. I feel it when he looks at me. He is all I ever think about and it's torture. How do I move on? Should I just forget about him?


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  • Though the odds are stacked against you. If you really want it you should chase it. With respect to him and his new date of course.. its not time to forget or move on if it is all you think about. (This may be wrong. But until they live together id say he's fair game.) Maybe try to express some of those emotions but not too much as to scare him off where you leave him thinking 'we had a date once 4 months ago... and im all you think about?'.. how far apart do you live?

    • About an hour. I don't know what to say to him now. Since we don't normally see each other I've just been being silent and haven't messaged him at all. Am I being ridiculous to think we are meant to be? It's just.. When we look at each other it's unreal! We just haven't been able to do it since 4 months ago:(

    • Perhaps you may have to drive there for a weekend. I used to date a girl in chicago and would drive 4 hours every weekend. It may be worth the drive.

  • In a few years you'll be convinced someone else is meant for you. There is no soulmate, there is no "the one". There are endless possibilities. Start looking for someone else. Hope can keep you a prisoner. If you cling to the idea that he's the one, then no you can't move forward. Move on and if he pops back into your life in the future great, but to hold out hope will keep you stuck.


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