Please read this? I need opinions with my crush?

I always play fights with my two year crush, she's usually the one starting the fight and we will pinch, hit, push each other and both of us our arms are red. We had a lot a lot of physical contact during our fights. there's even once when she was purposely blocking my way, i tried pushing through her, and instead of pushing me back, she suddenly wrap her arms around me, like a back hug and we walked quite a few steps like that. I was suprised. More of shocked. That was the happiest day of my life. I cornered her before, and we had eye contact for like three seconds. Its like she's waiting for something. Maybe a kiss, but I didnt't escalate it further, as we were in school, after all. We play fights like everyday, but I dont understand why every Friday we just don't talk to each other? Maybe its because we didn't have a lesson when we sit near each other? I think she found out that i liked her. A few days ago. And we didn't talk at all. It really kills me. Lessons with her are going to be awkward as hell. I fear she might even be disgusted because im fat and ugly, while she's gorgeous. I can't let her know i liked her, else we might not even be friends.. I sits with her best friend for all lessons though, except science, which we go to the lab and Im sitting with my crush. I tried moving on and forgetting about having a crush. Because she likes a senior. But its not easy as I carried a torch for her since the past two year. I know its not a question, but I welcome comments and opinions on this?


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  • Calm down. It seems like she does like you. I wouldn't play fight with someone I didn't like or wasn't related to. I don't think she's disgusted at you for liking her. Maybe there's something else on her mind right now. You should talk to her about it. She might really be upset about something else. She sounds like a nice girl. I don't think that she cares that you look different than her. You're probably not as unattractive as you think.


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  • This reminds me of a story a friend i have i call her a tease who dosen't know it. She did this to one of her guy friend she thought she was being friendly i told her your leading him on she said no. He came to her and told he liked her she told me this i said i told u so but in the end they just remained friends just be carefull and see if she acts like that with other guys. But then agian she might like you it just reminded me of my friend story. Good Luck!


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