Flirting help... (girls and guys can help)?

How do you flirt? I don't know for sure if I do it but it would be easier to know if I do it or not. Help me. A crush is on the line here.


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  • Excuse me... uhmmm there's something wrong with my phone...(he says what) your number isn't in it! Lol the easiest way to flirt is to make some one laugh. Teasinghim ( but not being super mean) can get his attention. If he teases you back good job! If he seems insulted u went to far. MAKE SURE YOU SMILE!!! thats the biggest hint to a guy if your constantly cheesing at him. make eye contact, relax, dont ne nervous or hell sense it. Good luck

    • Thank You. But I'm just nervous.

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    • Make sure you bring minty gum! (not trying to be insulting but always carry a bit in your purse or pocket just in case that tuna sandwich or egg salad takes over) dont over do the makeup and perfume. Look in the mirror before you go to see him to make sure your eyeliner did. t smudge (that happens to me alot) and... hmmm... I don't know what else lol. Good luck! :3

    • Thank you. But now my friend is going to drag me outside to find him and tell him how I feel. But I'll keep that in mind when I need it.

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