Will a popular guy ask a semi popular girl to homecoming?

So I really like this super popular guy (no surprise) but I'm sorta popular. This guy has a lot of girl friends (not dating) and a lot of girls want him to ask them. He is in my algebra 2 class and I always catch him staring at me and of course I try my best to remain eye contact but I'm pretty nervous around him. Last year in bio class he did the same thing. But I see him in the halls walking w/ this popular girl and he sees me but doesn't make eye contact. So will a guy that's super popular ask a girl who is in the middle of popularity to homecoming?


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  • Popularity does not matter, if he's smart. If you are pretty enough to catch his eye (which you already seem to have mastered), then you can only stand by and hope for the best. It depends on how your personality and attitude fly with him, and he will certainly consider whether the two of you will have a good time and look good together (the former is more important, unless he is extremely shallow). Whatever comes your way, it doesn't hurt to have a back-up plan.


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  • The popular people don't care about who's popular or not because whoever that choose to date will just become popular with them.

    So of he likes you, yes he will. Though he is more likely to go for someone already on his level.


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