First date clothes and advice?

Yep so the question says it all.. Our first actual date is coming up and I've never been with a guy that isn't a friend so I'm a little bit nervous.. We'll either be hanging out or going to the movies.. Any advice on what to wear? And things not too talk about etc. ? Thanks in advance :D


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  • Wear what makes you feel good about yourself, but not too sexy.

    I'm in love with this outfit.. heck i might try it on myself.

    Things to definitely avoid talking about:
    Past BF/GF
    Past Drama

    • Haha! That is a great outfit! And thanks great advice! :)

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  • The worst thing a girl can do too too heavy/much make up and clothing which shows lots of flesh. Make up should look natural, not like a mask and clothes should make the most of your best assets, show off your feminine figure without showing much skin. Smart casual and sexy will prevent it looking like too much effort, but still attractive. Fun, flirty and confident and classy, but not too dressy as it's just a first date.

  • Honestly, he probably won't even remember what you whore the next day, so wear whatever you feel amazing in.

    • Yeah that's probably true. Thanks :)

  • Dress simple, don't put tons of makeup like usually you girls do
    If it's a romantic movie don't cry like a baby. If it's a comedy movie don't laugh like a dumb girl, but yet be funny
    And don't go to bed with him

    • It'd be a horror or an action XD Haha we're both (i think) a bit to young to sleep together. And thanks!

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    • They aren't mine ideas, but that's ok
      Good luck there

    • Thanks! :)

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