How do I make it up to him? didn't mean to start anything at all?

So been working in the hospital all summer, met a med student a few weeks ago. We are seeing each other, its not serious, and I don't know where it is going! BUt I do know I want to find out. I like him because he's so much mature and and caring, then every other guy ever! He makes me laugh, and makes me feel amazing. We may not work and that's fine, but like I said he's worth finding out. He told me he wouldn't see anyone else until he figures us out.

On the floor I work on I made one casual comment about him. Not knowing that it was too a guy who had a crush on me! While somehow that lead to this massive rumor I choose to believe about him seeing someone else, and 'using' me. I replied back that I had doubts because he was so sweet, but I would talk to him about it. The guy who told me talked to his friends about this, which lead to several people talking to him about it! He asked me to keep it to myself because we are just seeing each other... and I explained that I dind't really say much and he said I am sure you didn't.

I feel awful that he even had to explain anything to his friends! I don't like attention, and have no problem keeping things quiet. I just thought I was. How do I show him I care, and that I am sorry I started drama?


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  • Just explain to him that it was the guy who had a crush on you who did this and not you. Problem solved. Now he won't blame you for what happened. And things like this die down over time so I would just ignore it for now until he has forgotten about it.


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  • Just tell him the truth, be honest and open, that is always the best policy. Be upfront and say since we were just starting out, I was still kinda unsure and ended up speaking to the wrong person who took what I said and twisted it around for his own benefit because he is jealous!

  • " I am sure you didn't." sarcasm?

    First of all none of this texting bullshit for something like this.
    Do a serious apology IN PERSON.

    • I did it on the phone. I told him 100 times that its okay if we end up as friends. But I wanted to see where it goes ;) I trust him. And I am lucky, I don't care what he tells his friends at least at this point because that's not what matters. You do have a point though Ill say something in person too!

    • Texting is the least personal, phone calls are a bit better but it's not the same as in person. Goodluck!

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  • The best way really is to show him by how you handle any future situation. A lot of times if you try to "fix it", you'll only end up making it worse.

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