Does he really like me or just hanging around?

Here are points all in order:
-He is my biggest crush from church.
-We've both grown to mutually like each other over the past year, and started "talking" this year.
-This year has been pretty rocky between us. This year was also the year we finally hung out outside of church.
-Our first hangout was at his house, and we made out. He mentioned sex, I declined. 2nd time at his house, things got really physical, foreplay... but never ever gave in for sex.
-I told him before that I will never have casual sex with him.
-During that 2nd time at his house, we were kissing and I brought up.."why arnt you mine?" While kissing him. It was time for me to go home, so he said that we had to go but continued to kiss me.
-Later on that night he says,"to answer your question, I need to focus on me. I have anger issues. I get tempted by other females." (I think he was letting me down easy)
-FASTFORWARD: my mom is the mom to want to be "comfortable" w/whoever I surround myself with. So she wanted me to invite him over, which I did.. but always made excuses not to come over. Telling me that he was shy.
-My mom had enough of it, and contacted his mom saying that if he respects me, he would come over before I go back over his. He calls my mom to apologize if she ever felt like she was being disrespected. Since then, he has invited himself over (but those days I was really busy). And if I were to ask him to come over, it wouldn't be such a big deal now, like it was before. Not to mention he also says from time to time"tell your mom I said hi".
-It was actually my 3rd time, breaking it off with him. I told him that we both deserve someone better. He agreed, but believed that there was no one better and that I was "perfect" for him.
-he's made Instagram posts saying that he needs a book to understand females.
-I tried to break it off with him by telling him that I was interested in someone else, his response..."you are mine forever. Please. I don't what to lose you.


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  • He seems interested in you after all the Up's and down's he came to a conclusion that you are made for each other. Well, if likes to be with you all the time and is comfortable with you even after knowing your lifestyle and family , then he might be interested in you.
    Try a little experiment with him... avoid him for sometime and see if he cares about you OR is just infatuated with you.


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