She was ticked off because I was talking about sex? Why?

So this girl that I consider my best friend, got p*ssed off today at me. I remember after just a while when we first met, we had crush on each other but she is married and has a kid and it never got to anything serious. We talked and said that we gotta overcome this opposite sex attraction if we wanna stay friends. And we did, I am not sure if she did completely but it seems like she did.

She is the closest person I have because I don't have a girlfriend and today I was pretty depressed and p*ssed off at the world that there are so many other people that have sex but not me and I was talking about how I can get a chick to sleep with me, even just one night.

Then she suddenly said that she is "getting ticked off right about now" and that it's not a good time to talk about it now and that she feels like that's the only reason I talk to her and hanged up. I had no idea why it ticked her off. What should I tell her next time we talk?


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  • Well, you probably came across as whining, and she didn't feel like listening to you whine.

    Just a guess.


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  • I think she was probably upset because she likkes you and you talking about sex made her feelings come back. since she has a husban you said and kids she wants to be faithful. she probably got fusterated with herself and is trying to deny it. so she makes her self think all you want is sex and that she really doesn't like you :]


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  • this question is a bit like asking, "why do these bees keep stinging me when I kick their hive? I really don't understand their motivation..."

    for one thing, you shouldn't be such close friends with opposite-sex people who are married and have kids that you hang out together alone with them.

    for another thing, you shouldn't talk about sex with married opposite sex friends who have kids, and who you were attracted to.

    for another thing, you shouldn't put a married female with kids who is probably still attracted to you into a situation where you're asking for her advice on getting laid.

    the problem's not that you or her are bad people. the problem is that there are a lot of boundary violations happening here. life is a lot simpler and easier when people establish boundaries for what's appropriate, decent and beneficial. and one of the major boundaries is that marriage is sacred.

    "What should I tell her next time we talk?" Nothing. Never mention the subject again. There's nothing valuable you can gain by talking it over. And from now on, your rule is that you're _never_ alone with her again. You can keep her as a friend, but only when a third adult is present: her husband, another friend, whoever.

    • You sound like my grandma. Who the hell are you to tell me to never be alone with her again. I hate people like you. Do you have a really close friend? Your best friend? And if you think opposite sexes can't be best friends, welcome to 21st century. Women are not that different from men anymore.

      It seems like she really is still attracted to me, so yea I will just back off for a while from her.

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    • I just think one shouldn't get stuck with someone in their life. If you are married and have kids but not happy with your spouse anymore, do you really have to keep wasting your life like that? I think that would be stupid. I think if you want to be with someone else then you should, because that's what makes you happy.

      I am not saying she wants to be with me but if she ever for some reason loses her husband, I'd be there for her. But obviously at this point I need to find someone for myself.

    • Good luck.

      God bless.

      If you want to have the last word, I promise this is the last comment I'll make.

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