I can't get through to him? I'm honestly so frustrated right now!!

Where do I start? Lol :) I've been dating this guy for a while now & at first I was pretty shy around him. It usually takes me a while to open up to people and be myself. Well I'm finally over that stage & I don't think he realizes that he's being TOO much of a gentleman. I think I put it in his head that I like polite guys, but I just want him to initiate physical contact with me already! I just want to hold his hand, hug him when we say goodbye, and just kiss already! I've never even kissed a guy before & I just want to finally experience my first kiss with him because he's really special to me! He just doesn't get it. Whenever we text each other he always flirts playfully with me to the point where I feel like he's doing it on purpose. He brought up the topic of kissing and making out before, but at the time I said I wanted to take it slow because I was kind of insecure about being inexperienced. Do you think he's doing it to get back at me or am I just being paranoid? Lol. He keeps messing with my head by saying all these sexy comments in a subtle way and then he pulls back just when I'm ready to actually go through with it! Ahhh! I just want him to take the lead already because I'm too shy to do it myself. It also really gets to me that he's been in a few relationships before & he obviously knows what he's doing, lol. I kind of want him to bring me out of my shell & teach me the basic things that come with relationships. I think he knows exactly what he's doing & it just drives me mad! :P Please tell me how to stop being frustrated by him, lol


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  • Express your frustrations and desires with words. Guys can sometimes be confused by actions because they can be interpreted several different ways. The only way to get through to him is to tell it to him straight,


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