Is the main reason a white guy wouldn't date an Asian girl is...

because his mom told him not to date one? is that not the lamest reason? that turns me off white guys


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  • why does that turn you off all white boys? that's racist.

    more realistically, it should turn you off mama's boys with racist mamas.

    assuming that mama said he shouldn't date an asian girl only because she's asian. if mama has a good reason to warn her boy from a specific girl who happens to be asian, that's a sign of a good mama.

    • It wasn't towards a specific girl it was towards ALL ASIAN GIRLS-NOW THAT'S RACIST

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  • People have a choice with who they want to date. A parent can speak his/her piece on who they want their child to date, but they really can't say who.


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  • I am so sick of seeing questions on here that only deal with race. Why can't people get over it? Just because one white guy's mom is a racist doesn't mean that all white people are racist. Racism disgusts me and I suggest you rethink what you are saying here.