Please Help? I feel Neglected.

Ok so I am falling hard for my boyfriend. We have been dating for two months. He told me that over the summer he was going to be really busy. I haven't heard from him in weeks..I feel somewhat neglected. My friends are 50/50 about it. Half think I should dump him, the other half think I should just wait until school resumes. I don't know what to do...Ive tried texting, and messages..but I haven't gotten any responses...I think about him EVERYDAY it is ruining my summer. Any Ideas?


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  • Woah woah woah, he hasn't talked to you in WEEKS? There is a serious problem here. How hard is it to send a text, leave a voice mail, or send an email? That was a rhetorical question, it's not hard at all! If he can't be bothered to even talk to you in WEEKS then his interest level in you is very low. Time to move on to a guy that actually wants to talk with you and be with you.


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