Girls how would you feel if your crush was given a number from another girl?

There's this girl I like who I've been talking to for a while now. Anyways we were talking with some friends and I mentioned that some girl was flirting with me and even gave me her number. I told them that I'm not going to call her or continue talking to her, just because I'm not that type of guy. The thing is after I said that she got kinda quiet and I feel like I did something wrong. i like her and I know she likes me, so maybe she thinks that i may call the girl..

So ladies, how would you feel in this situation. Am I over thinking?


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  • First, I would get pissed. And then, I would be incredibly insecure. You didn't do anything horribly wrong, but maybe that would be the kind of thing that you tell her privately and then do something (hug, kiss, words, etc.) to show her that you're still hers. She might have taken it as challenge, almost like you were taunting her with the information of how wanted you are. Idk. That's just how I would have taken it.

    • Ah that makes sense, I was thinking that also. Thanks.

  • i don't think it's anything you did. some women are competitive when it comes to a dating sense. not to say they're cut throat, but if they have your attention they think they have a chance. throw another woman in the mix, they don't. that or it's not as good of a chance because they'll have to go against them. she may just be worried about whether you're going to talk to her or not, because if she's like me, just because you say you won't, doesn't mean you won't. not to say that you will, in this situation she just thinks you will and you said you wouldn't to be nice.

    • That's true, well we talked about it, so everything is fine now :D

    • good. :)

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