How can you tell if an ex just wants sex vs. to get back together?

I talked to my ex for the first time in nearly 8 months the other day because he had been calling me. the conversation was pretty light, we both apologized for the way things went down. we had wanted different things and he couldn't commit. he mentioned wanting me to come over that night or for him to come over, but I said no, he was fine with that. sex obviously came up a few times, and I mentioned it also, it wasn't just him, we had sex a lot in our relationship. I asked him fi he had called because he missed me and he said yes, asked if I had a boyfriend, etc. so basically I'm just wondering what it sounds like he wants? I have my guard up about this.

is it ok to asks guy directly what he wants, will this scare him off?


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  • I would just ask him directly what his intentions are with contacting you. There is no reason to not be direct with you after 8 months of minimal contact. It could be he does miss you and has things to say to you. I understand having your guard up after a breakup but keep in mind, you two still have feelings for once another and that is something to discuss.

    • I mean I'm guessing he still has feelings for me by calling me so much before I decided to call him back, I just hope he doesn't just want sex

  • Hi:) Just by not having sex before you feel you know.

    • I don't want to freak him out by being pushy about it though? what's the best way to ask him?

    • Sounds as if you waited for 8 month:)

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